Back from Con Nooga 2009


Con Nooga is a small sci-fi con in Chattanooga, TN for its second year. Went down to it Saturday morning to promote MTAC. It’s nice to occasionally have such a short trip, just barely over an hour from my place to the con if you don’t stop.

The con itself is at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, which is a deceptively big place. It used to be an actual train station, and railroad tracks and trains are still around on the property. Problem is, it’s all spread out. There’s the actual hotel lobby that used to be the train station, three different hotel buildings on the complex, trains that have been converted into hotel rooms and a diner, and random other buildings. Panels and events were usually toward the front of the property in the main train station building or the nearby convention/ballroom building. However, the dealers room and some other events were in a building on the far side of the compound, and it’s a decent walk. Luckily, there are bus and trolly services to go back and forth.

Didn’t really see any events or guests as I spent most of the time at the MTAC booth, but as with every con, we got to talk to plenty of random visitors to our table, and that’s always interesting. Then there’s dinner with friends, and that was nice. Still, we had a fairly early Saturday night, not knowing anyone throwing any of the usual Saturday night room parties. Then we manned our table some on Sunday, packed up and left for home.

Probably one of my shortest con trips, but it was generally enjoyable and relaxing. We weren’t really active or running around much. Just a nice little trip to Chattanooga.


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