Back from MTAC Ninja

I complain that it’s hard to review a con when I’m stuck promoting at it. It’s even harder when it’s the one I actually work at.

Kamen Rider Cosplayers @ MTAC Ninja Super Sentai Panel

This year was my fifth Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, the fourth I worked at and the second I was actually staff for. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was my busiest MTAC ever. We had a packed house this year with well over 4,000 attendees. We even sold out of our badges. With some more responsibility on my shoulders this year, I was running around and being fairly busy. I didn’t get to take my own photos, which is sad because there were some truly photo-worth sights. Luckily, that’s what everyone else with cameras were for.

Starting with content, there was a lot. We had seven different programming tracks: art, cosplay, Japanese culture, martial arts, mature, music and otaku. All of which had plenty of panels and events. The two panels I organized were the Running an Anime Club panel and the Super Sentai panel. The other host talked most of the time in the anime club panel, which was fine as he knew what he was talking about.

The Super Sentai panel, however, was a bigger blast than I had expected. I hosted it with some input from friends in the MTSU Anime Club. I had a nice powerpoint presentation, if I do say so myself, including some neat clips (never get tired of the 25 red rangers from Gaoranger vs Super Sentai). It wasn’t just Super Sentai though. I actually based my panel around that and Kamen Rider, with about equal content for both (if not more for KR). Also showed off some of my toys. I was fortunate enough to have both a Kamen Rider 1 and a Green Ranger cosplay in the audience. I even got my picture taken with Kamen Rider 1, as you can see for yourself.

I also ended up sitting on three other panels: Fandumb, Crossover Fans and Running a Convention. Fandumb is talking about what all is dumb about fandom, which is always funny. Crossover Fans is for those fans of anime and other fandoms, such as me and superhero comic books and movies. Running a Convention was the oddest as I had the least experience as any of the other panelists, which included our con chair and the con chairs of MomoCon and OMGcon. It was fun as usual. Like I said in my MomoCon post, it’s about the stories.

While I didn’t get to enjoy these as much (nor are they my cup of tea), MTAC really bulked up its mature and music tracks. I’ve been hearing differing opinions about whether such a strong focus on those is a good idea or a bad one. Particularly that it detracts from the anime nature of the con. I can see both sides. What do you think? What kind of content do you prefer to see at cons?

There were some hickups along the way though. Delays plagued us throughout the con, some of which partially the fault of a freak storm and tornado during Thursday set up. Some fire alarms went off too by accident, but otherwise, not much incident.

All in all, it was busy, crowded, even rowdy at times, but I had a blast. I got to work along side some of my very good friends and help put on an amazing show. I’m resubmitting all my panels again, even asking for more of my Super Sentai/Kamen Rider panel.

With that said, I very much enjoyed the Middle Tennessee Sleeping Convention that coincidentally took place the day after MTAC.


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