You Can Be Your Very Own Kamen Rider Toy Too!


Thank you Tomopop for giving me a new, probably unobtainable goal to quest after. Now, I can finally fulfill two dreams of mine: to be a Kamen Rider and to have an action figure of myself.

Bandai created a new Jibun Damashii (My Spirit) SIC Kamen Rider figure, where you can have your face sculpted ontothe SIC version of Kamen Rider the Next‘s Kamen Rider 1. Well, maybe not you, dear reader, unless you’re in Japan, as the orders are going to be done from a Japan-only site. Not like that’s ever stopped anyone before though. The 13,650 yen or almost $145 price tag, however, may stop some cold. Still, getting a figure with your face, combined with a full helmet, a partial helmet, spare hands and a stand with your name on it, that’s not bad.


If you’re still willing to give it a try, then be ready with your wallet and a front photo of your face on June 26 when the site begins taking orders.


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