Ronald McDonald’s Daughter is Hotter Than Their Coffee

I used to complain about McDonald’s in America slacking in their usage of the Ronald McDonald mascot, which I rank in a short list of actual likable clowns. They’ve been using him more in advertising over this year though, which as made me happy. Now though, I kind of prefer his daughter, but for different reasons.

Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s really supposed to be his daughter or just a woman in similarly-themed clothing. I’m also not sure if that’s the real commercial, as there’s this shorter version that lacks the music and actually says the product’s name. Still, the top one has some nice music and costume changes.

The advertised product is the Tomato McGrand, which I guess it a Japanese-only sandwich, or at least one not in the States. Do Japanese burgers not typically have tomatoes on them to the point of making a burger specifically for tomatoes? If I ever go to Japan (or any foreign country for that matter), one of the things I want to do is go around to the American-based fast-food joints and try the stuff specifically for there that’s not in American stores.

Just to be somewhat equal, I’ll also show you Ronald’s son/uncle. I think it’s obvious which one daddy McDonald likes more, as the son has the shorter commercial and no costume changes. The two videos are the same, but the first is labeled as his son and has music like the top video, while the second is labeled as the uncle and is more like the second daughter commercial.

Anyone with more knowledge on McDonald’s Japanese mascot and food practices, feel free to comment.


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