Top 5 CPM Titles I Want Saved


Yesterday, ANN announced the liquidation of Central Park Media anime licenses. Central Park Media was one of the oldest anime licensing companies in the States until declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy earlier this year. That’s the kind of bankruptcy you don’t come back from.

As such, I decided to list my top 5 CPM titles I would like to see saved. These titles range from mecha to shonen action to romantic comedy to, well, some stuff not for polite society. Some titles have already been saved and don’t need mentioning, like Slayers by FUNimation and Grave of the Fireflies from ADV (oops, mentioned them). I picked these based on already existing fan bases and importance to the fandom at large. These titles are not in order of importance. They’re in reverse alphabetical order because the last one works out well that way. Anyway, here we go.


Now here’s YuYu Hakusho the Movie: Poltergeist Report, where Yusuke and friends fight off forces from the neatherworld to protect the human and spirit worlds. Earlier this year, FUNimation finished releasing the YuYu Hakusho TV series in four box sets. Now would be a good time for FUNi to grab the movie and add it to their collection of YuYu titles. Maybe even replace the movie dub with the (in my opinion) superior TV dub cast.


Here we have Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer. The pervert Ataru and hot alien Lum and friends go through a trippy adventure that could only be brought to us by the likes of Mamoru Oshii, who wrote and directed the flick after simply directing the series and first film. Being the only Urusei Yatsura movie not licensed by AnimEigo (even though they did a lot of the work), this might be something for them to jump on.


Photon: The Idiot Adventures is a hilarious little six-episode OVA originally created by Masaki Kajishima, the creator of Tenchi Muyo, and features staff from several Tenchi projects.  It’s a wacky space comedy about the impossibly-strong-yet-simple-minded-boy Photon Earth who accidentally marries a space pilot. This show is not related to the Tenchi franchise, but really, who isn’t related to Tenchi these days?


Do you like giant robots? Do you like cop dramas? Well then, Patlabor The Mobile Police is for you. In a not-so-futuristic Japan (in the year 1999), where mechs called labors are used for a variety of tasks from construction and law enforcement, the crew of the Second Special Vehicles Division use their patlabors to keep the peace. CMP had the licenses to the OVA and TV series, whereas Bandai Entertainment (via their merger with Bandai Visual USA) has the movies. Back on the theme of completing franchises, perhaps this is a good chance of bringing together the franchise.

And for last…


Yes, La Blue Girl. Bible Black may have dethroned this title as the most currently notable hentai State side, but La Blue Girl is still one of the necessary titles one must see before claiming to have any knowledge about hentai or tentacle porn. Then there’s the live-action movie, which takes campy porn to a whole new level. Media Blasters still has its Kitty Media hentai line. This may be a perfect fit.

And now 5 notable mentions I’d like to see saved mostly because I haven’t seen enough of them:

  • Armored Troopers VOTOMS
  • Cyber City Oedo 808
  • Project A-Ko
  • Record of Loddess War
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena

That’s not everything I’d like, but they all top the list. What titles do you want to see saved?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 CPM Titles I Want Saved

  1. I agree with all of these NIko. The Photon anime I have not seen but I would like to being as it is from Tenchi creator Masaki Kajishima. I just hope someone DOES snatch up the rights to these great anime, if they are passed up then a good part of my childhood will be gone.

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