Kamen Rider W Revealed!


And here he is, the next Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider W (pronounced “double”). Not exactly the latest news as these pics have been coming over the last two weeks, but you don’t come here for the latest news.

Kamen Rider W is to be introduced in the Decade movie Kamen Rider Decade: All Rider vs. DaiShocker this August. Then he will move onto his own series in September after Kamen Rider Decade finishes.

I generally like the design of W. It’s very minimalistic. This suit looks like something the Rider can actually move in. Not a lot of bulky armor or detailing. I’m a fan of the sleek look. The colored halves draws similarities to Kikaider, which is fine by me. Also, scarf for the win. The only thing I don’t care for is the very bulky henshin device on the belt. It kind of stands out like a sore thumb in this otherwise streamline design. I’ll probably get used to it though. As far as first impressions in terms of suits, Kamen Rider W is miles ahead of Kamen Rider Decade.

Here’s what we’re pretty sure we know about W. First. He’s really two people who henshin into one Kamen Rider. Those two are totally-Japanese Shotaro Hidari and foreigner-yet-still-pretty-Japanese Philip. They are private detectives. Shotaro has the Gaia Memory Joker unit, while Philip has the Gaia Memory Cyclone unit. Put these together with the Double Driver belt, and they merge together to form Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker form.

Philip and Shotaro...I think

Philip and Shotaro...I think

There are other forms to W, or should I say halves. in addition to Cyclone and Joker, there’s also Luna, Trigger, Heat and Metal. Luna Trigger seem to form a gun form, while Heat Metal form a rod form. Kind of nice to only have such few forms to start out with…


Until this happens…

Heat Joker

Heat Joker?

It seems the halves can mix match, as seen in this Heat Joker form. The halves all seem to have unique characteristics to them that can combine with other halves to form unique abilities. I really hope these combinations make sense and give the character an interesting fluidity in how he (them?) handles situations. I’d like for forms to not become pointless like they eventually did in Kamen Rider Kiva. Mainly though, I want the red and blue halves to make a form (even if it’s reversed).

Also, not really sure on this, but W seems to get a car in this series, a first since Kamen Rider Black RX.Why? I don’t know. There’s more and more of a trend for the motorcycle in Kaman Rider series to be less and less important. I can’t even remember the last time Decade used his.

Because simply having a motorcycle and regularly using it would be too much to ask for.

Because simply having just a motorcycle and regularly using it would be too much to ask for.

Oh, and just to elaborate, this Rider has a scarf! First main Rider since Kamen Rider ZX and first Rider since Another Agito from Kamen Rider Agito and Evil Blade from the Kamen Rider Blade Hyper Battle Video to have a scarf.I really like the scarfs of the Showa Riders. If a scarf or a cape is done right, I think it looks really neat. So far, here, it looks neat.

He's got an effing scarf!

Really digging this design

I have no real knowledge or idea on the plot. Right now, all I have is the concept and the suit design, but it’s got my attention in a good way. I’ll be looking forward to Kamen Rider W later this fall, hoping it doesn’t disappoint like certain recent series have been lately.

And now we have official Kamen Rider W sites from production company Toei and television station TV-Arashi. Go forth and be confused by all the Japanese characters I can’t remember.


7 thoughts on “Kamen Rider W Revealed!

  1. From what I gathered from the translation attempt @ TVN, this is also an anniversary series like DCD. I can buy that considering the scarf and the resemblance to BLACK/RX. I, too, am all for sleek design and prefer this way over Diend.

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  3. Perhaps, Diend and Shin sit in this category of god awful ugliness that just about anything would be better looking than those two.

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