Kamen Rider Kabuto in English, Tendou’s Still an Awesome Dick

In an alternate reality (read: the Philippines) where Toonami is still going strong, a new show has joined the line up. A new show that walks the path of heaven, ruling over all. Thanks to Henshin Justice Unlimited for pointing out that the Philippines’ version of Cartoon Network has started airing English dubbed Kamen Rider Kabuto, titled simply Masked Rider Kabuto.

Now, I’m as vocal as the next guy about my distaste of Cartoon Network showing live action. However, if the American Cartoon Network showed this kind of live action instead of crappy reality shows, I might be a bit more forgiving.

Note: this is not an adaptation in the vein of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight or the entire Power Rangers franchise. Masked Rider Kabuto is just an English dub over all of the original Japanese footage. Tendou does sound a bit old, but oh well. I love Power Rangers, and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight isn’t bad, but I’d also like the original versions.

Now visit HJU’s article to watch the entire first episode in English. It’s likely not something you’ll see on your TVs any time soon.


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