Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern? What About Deadpool?

Check out my awesome Photoshop skills!

Check out my awesome Photoshop skills!

So the big news out of the end of last week from Variety was Ryan Renolds being confirmed to play Hal Jordan in an upcoming Green Lantern movie. The GL movie, produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Martin Campbell, is supposed to start production in January.

I’m sure Reynolds will be fine as Hal. May be a bit lighter hearted than what we’re used to from the character, but I don’t think that’ll be an issue. The number one question this likely brings to mind to comic book movie fans is “What about the upcoming Deadpool movie from Fox?” Reynolds was already attached to reprise his Deadpool character. Does he taking on the GL movie mean him playing Deadpool is on hold or dead? Would Warner Bros., Fox or the world accept one actor playing main characters in a Marvel AND and DC movie?

If Reynolds continues with the Deadpool movie, perhaps the best way now would be to really give the character his famous face scars and mask. This would help keep down the whole thing about Deadpool and Hal Jordan having the same face. Generally, I would hope they would do that anyway.

Really though, it’s probably best for Reynolds that he still be attached to play Deadpool. After all, DC movies have a bad track record of not being made. How about that Wonder Woman movie directed by Joss Whedon? Or the JLA and the Superman/Batman movies.

I’m fine with Reynolds playing Hal Jordan, and I think he can and should still play Deadpool. Nothing wrong with playing both sides of the super hero power houses. And if one franchise doesn’t pan out, he’s still got the other to fall back on.


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