Making of Decade Movie and an Expensive Guitar

I found these YouTube videos on 4chan’s /m/ board the other day. They’re two parts of a making-of video for Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Vs. DaiShocker. If you want to watch, I want to warn you that you may get spoiled, just as every pre-release marketing may do.  Still, you get to see some neat Showa vs. Heisei fights and Riders from all ages just beating down Shocker grunts.

In other news, I also found this link to a 1/1 replica guitar of Kamen Rider Todoroki from Kamen Rider Hibiki. It looks really nice. Most likely sucks as an actual guitar. Also, at 472,500 yen (over $5,000), it’s really freaking expensive. Nice to look at and know it exists though.



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