Bruce Campbell in a Samurai Movie? Too Good to be True?


Just finish with Burn Notice‘s season finale? Wondering where you’re going to get your Bruce Campbell fix, aside from watching Army of Darkness for the 23rd time? Well, worry no more. Topless Robot tells us that Bruce Campbell is dubbing the main character of an ’80 samurai flick gore fest Ambush at Blood-Trail Gate. That’s Bruce Campbell, being an awesome samurai, cutting off limbs and making blood gush, just like every good ’80s movie.

Head over to Topless Robot to watch the trailer. For some reason, the embedding isn’t working for me right now.

There’s just one thing…

It’s all fake!

Apparently, the trailer is part of a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming movie White on Rice. The comedy stars Hiroshi Watanabe as “Jimmy,” a 40-ish Asian man who finds himself after a divorce living with his sister’s family, with a brother-in-law who could think less of him and a nephew he shares a bunk bed with. Then, his brother-in-law’s niece moves in, and Jimmy finds himself competing with his best friend Tim (James Kyson Lee, aka Heroes‘ “Ando”) for her affection. Plus Jimmy seems to have an obsession with dinosaurs, but dinosaurs are awesome so that’s fine. The trailer is pretty funny and cute, so check it out below.

It’s really Bruce Campbell in the samurai movie trailer though, or at least that’s what Twitch says.


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