Random Gundam News of Week 08/09/09


Needed a post for this week, but I’ve been busy working on the new MTSUAC website and some random MTAC work. Luckily, more reputable news sources (thanks, Anime News Network) have come across some interesting tidbits this past week. Being the Gundam fan I am, I figured I’d do the fandom a service and spread some more of this news to the masses. Since the masses don’t read here, you few tried and true get this post all to yourselves.

  • Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino received Honorific Leopard Award at 62nd Locarno International Film Festival. Never heard of the award, but hey, one’s mantle can never be too full. The festival, held in Switzerland, also aired the first Mobile Suit Gundam movie and had Tomino participate in an on-stage discussion. Jealous? Well if unlike me, you can make your way to New York Anime Festival this September, you too can meet Gundam‘s father.
  • Man in Japan burns down his house over Gundam models. A 29-year-old Kasai City resident burned down his home with kerosene and a lighter. He also doused himself in kerosene but made it out safely. Why, you ask? Obviously because his mother through out his Gundam models. You don’t mess with a man’s Gunpla.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn confirmed to have an anime adaptation on…some format. When talking about a Gundam Unicorn guide book, the September issue of Newtype mentions a green-lit TV series. A correction has since been sent to say that simply an anime adaptation had been green lit. That much, we knew.  Don’t know how long the Gundam Unicorn novels are, so maybe not a full-length series would fit. Still, looking forward to it. Love the mech designs.
  • Singer Andrew W.K. will release Gundam Rock album. It will include English-language covers of Mobile Suit Gundam theme and background songs. Apparently, Andrew W.K. already did a cover of “Ai Senshi” from the second Mobile Suit Gundam movie last November. Almost too worried to go check it out. He’s also going to reenact the opening narration and Gihren’s speech. Now that’s…I don’t know. I don’t really have much of an opinion of Andrew W.K. as a musician, but his support of CN Real leaves a bad mark in my book.
  • And finally, friends over at OSMcast have released their latest podcast on Gundam 00. They usually go over non-spoiler stuff first and have a pause before spoiler territory, so if you’re following the series on SyFy’s Ani-Monday block, keep in mind where to probably pause. Otherwise, give it all a listen.

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