SD Gundams Invade the Three Kingdoms


I guess adding a Gundam spin-off to the Dynasty Warriors game franchise wasn’t enough for Bandai. ANN reports that Bandai announced the anime adaptation of the SD Gundam model line based off of the famous Chinese story Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Titled BB Senshi Sangokuden, the model line re-imagines Gundams as characters in the story.

Some Gundam fans may still be carrying the stigma of the SD series, thanks to the completely CGI kiddy series Superior Defender Gundam Force. The SD line is also populated with parody series from the end of the ’80s – beginning of the ’90s, as well as multiple long-running model lines ranging from chibi-fying popular mobile suits from main Gundam series to modifying traditional Gundams to have a more fantasy samurai look. It’s that latter model line that’s inspired this new production, so to those Gundam fans dreading a rebirth of the CGI Superior Defender Gundam Force, don’t go into this with those same expectations and keep an open mind.


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