MMPR Toys Morph from Old to New

Bandai has unveiled their new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers toyline, to be released in 2010. Cheesy narration aside, the video got me excited. The figures themselves look nice, and I’m jumping for joy for a chance to finally have the original MMPR Megazord.

The good?

  • Nicely-molded Power Rangers complete with weapons
  • Megazord looks nice
  • Villain figures, including awesome winged Goldar
  • Bikes don’t look bad

The bad?

  • No Dragonzord shown, despite Green Ranger figure
  • Rangers’ weapons are all unpainted dark grey (but Goldar’s looks fine?)
  • Bandai doing it’s usual special toy overload with (only the male?) Rangers getting custom suits with go-carts, bikes, power armors, animal rides and more (although the bikes don’t bad)
  • Where’s the effing Dragonzord?

It would have been nice to see the zords in their individual forms, maybe even the tank form. It better be able to separate though, otherwise I’ll just stick with my Retrofire figure instead.


That's right, my Retrofire Megazord rides on the White Tiger Zord.

(Via No Pink Spandex)


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