Short Friday Post of New Toku Toys


Didn’t get much done this week for NikoScream. Working on a movie review that will hopefully be posted elsewhere soon. Of course, you can still find me on CineGeek for weekly comic reviews and occasional appearances on the CineGeek Podcast.

And for those who love me, here are a couple of new tokusatsu toys for an early Christmas list after the break.

I found even more pics of the S.I.C. Kamen Rider Decade. really like how it comes with tiny cards of each Rider, using the S.I.C. image for those that have one (sorry Kabuto, you still got a bit more to wait). Some people don’t care for the design, but it grew on me rather quickly. Still don’t care for Complete Form.
And here’s an awesomely pose-able Metalder figure. Let’s face it, I just want an awesome VR Troopers toy. Now where are the Jikuu Senshi Spielban figures?


One thought on “Short Friday Post of New Toku Toys

  1. I dig teh Metalder fig, man (DCD is pure awesome by default). I watched the first episode of Metalder, and I couldn’t bare it. I aged horribly imo. VR Troopers didn’t fare much better, but I could probably sit a whole episode 🙂

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