Great Scott! Remember the 5th of November


For some reason, November 5 gets remembered for some crazy Catholic trying to blow up British Parliament. People seem so quick to forget that today marks the greatest scientific achievement of our … of any time!

On this day in 1955, Doctor Emmett L. Brown discovered actual time travel. This discovery led to the creation of the flux capacitor. Thirty years later, Brown, or “Doc” as he is known by associate Martin McFly, outfit a DeLorean DMC-12 sports car with the flux capacitor, creating the famed DeLorean Time Machine.

While the flux capacitor originally required immense power from plutonium (or a bolt of lightning), Doc later solves the energy usage with future technology called “Mr. Fusion,” utilizing common waste products to generate fusion power.

Brown would later go on to convert a steam locomotive into another time machine. This was accomplished in 1885 using mostly 1885 materials and technology, yet another astonishing achievement of Brown’s scientific career.

So let us remember the scientific breakthrough marked by today with a celebration of the man who made it possible. Congratulations, Doc.



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