Jason Thompson is My Hero (A.K.A Free Stuff FTW)

I need more shelves.

Sorry for neglecting NikoScream for the last couple of weeks. I must admit this post is partially selfish (more so than the usual wanting to see my name on the net). You see, by doing this single post, I’m going to get five volumes of free manga.

Let me explain…

In September, Jason Thompson (writer of Manga: The Complete Guide and former Viz manga editor) started writing a daily column on Suvudu called “365 Days of Manga.” It’s kind of a way to continue adding manga descriptions to his complete guide, since it’s kind of easier to keep adding to a web site than it is to an already-published book.

In addition to the column, Suvudu and Thompson have been a like-named contest where Thompson gets to free up some shelf space by giving out five volumes a manga a day.

Guess who won one day. C’mon, this isn’t too hard. Third time’s the charm.

  • Tanpenshu vol 1-2 – a two-part series of short stories by Hiroki Endo.
  • Who Fighter with Heart of Darkness – a collection of three “weird war” stories by Seiho Takizawa.
  • Kikaider vol 1-2 – retelling the classic Shotaro Ishinomori tale.

I don’t know if Thompson designed the prizes like this or if it’s the luck of the draw. Not only does Tanpenshu start off with the first two volumes (unlike randomly in the middle like I feared), but it also seems to be the whole series. Same with Who Fighter with Heart of Darkness.

However, I’m pretty sure it was just random luck that I got Kikaider vol 1-2. I say that because 1) I’m a toku fan and Kikaider is pretty awesome, and 2) I actually already have those. It was pretty funny, so a good laugh was had. Now I have even more giveaway stuff for my tokusatsu heroes panel at MTAC this year (so if you want them, come on by in April).

Anyway, back to the point, by posting a picture of myself with my prizes on a public blog (a.k.a. here) and sending the link back to Thompson, I’m supposed to be able to get five MORE manga volumes. So, here we are.

I hate taking my own photo.

And I highly recommend to the one or two readers that you enter in the contest daily. There’s still over 250 days to go, so there are plenty of chances to win. Also check out Thompson’s new upcoming comic, King of RPGs. a shonen-esque series about a guy wanting to become the greatest game master in the world. It’s to be released by Del Rey on January 19, 2010.

(small hint: I don’t have Kikaider 02 volumes 4 and onward)


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