Cons of 2010, Start Your Engines!

Tomorrow begins my trek north to visit Ohayocon. It’s a decent-sized convention in Columbus, Ohio. It’s going to be crazy cold, likely with snow covering the place if it keeps up the trend of the last two years. I’ll have pictures and post up my usual convention review.

Ohayocon is just my first convention of what is shaping up to be a long con year. Even just tentatively, here’s everything I’ve got so far:

  • Ohayocon – Columbus, OH – January
  • ConNooga – Chattanooga, TN – February
  • MidSouthCon – Memphis, TN – March
  • MomoCon – Atlanta, GA – March
  • MTAC – Nashville, TN – April
  • Dragon*Con – Atlanta, GA – September
  • AWA – Atlanta, GA – September
  • GMX – Nashville, TN – October

I’m really looking forward to doing my tokusatus heroes panel at MTAC this year, and I’m going to sit on a toku panel at MidSouthCon too. Given, I actually work for MTAC and GMX, and all the other cons are ones I’m doing promotional work for MTAC/GMX at. When’s the last time I just went to a convention for fun?

What conventions are you planning on going to this year?


One thought on “Cons of 2010, Start Your Engines!

  1. This year, I’ll be helping promote OMGcon at Ohayocon and Ridonka~con, and will be a department volunteer at OMGcon. I’ll be at MTAC, and I’m still mulling over going to GMX (if there’s a free open bar again, that’ll make the decision MUCH easier…).

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