Back from MidSouthCon 2010

MidSouthCon is a speculative fiction convention just outside Memphis in the small town of Olive Branch, MS. This was its 28th year, my first con I’ve been to that’s been around longer than I have (sorry older readers).

One thing I noticed is that the con is at a crossroads. It’s an old-school sci-fi/fantasy literature con with an inflow of newer attendees and content. Going into the con, I heard stories from friends saying it’s quiet and boring, but this year had plenty of active, youthful attendees.

White Spy won this round...

This year saw the con bolstering its anime track. From what I heard about past years of the con, anime and the younger fandom it typically draws have been ignored. Within the anime track, I sat on two panels: Gundamuuu!!!!!!!! and Henshin! The Tokusatsu and Sentai Hour! These were panels in a very traditional sense, with a group of panelists speaking on a subject guided by a moderator. The other panelists and I had a good rapport that the audience really seemed to enjoy. They didn’t pack the room, but both still had nice attendance.

My nifty GUEST name card.

An interesting trait of the con is to label all its presenters and panelists at “guests,” so technically I actually got to be a guest for my first time. Neat. Being a guest granted access to the green room, which served as a well-stocked con suite. Nice food. Plus it was convenient, as the con suite was outside the hotel in a separate small building. The con suite did have energy drinks and beer for an extra $5 for the whole weekend, which is a pretty good deal. Luckily for Mr. Lincoln though, I don’t typically drink either.

Our bright corner booth with our GMX Girl Mia.

While not doing panels, I was mostly at the MTAC/GMX booth in their concourse. Attendance was fine. I enjoy having con booths at areas with free internet. Helps in the down time and if anyone wants to pre-register. We also had our sound system going for some music for the ambiance, including the typical “Thriller” dance with the GMX Girls. Once night hit and the other booths closed up for the night, I cranked up the speakers and played Fire Bomber songs from Macross 7 and Power Rangers theme songs. Good times.

The only panel I just attended was Podcasting as a Marketing Tool, which was really more of a podcasting 101 or 201 panel than specifically about marketing usage. I’ve been to enough podcasting 101 panels, know enough podcasters and even show up on some enough to not need much of that.

The Apparition Abolishers won "Best in Show - Best Masterwork Group" in the masquerade contest.

MidSouthCon was an enjoyable trip. Did some fun panels. Got some MTAC and GMX promotion done. Grabbed some gifts in the dealers room. Didn’t get much of a chance to see the town, but it’s looking like we’ll return next year so I’ll get to experience even more.

Our ride home.

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