What’s New Wednesday (11/02/10)

Two posts a week a part? Maybe I can keep this up after all. Anyway, a smaller comic week, so not many purchases. Still, here’s this week’s pull list:

Batman and Robin #16 – (DC) Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart,  Chris Burnham and Frazer Irving

Grant Morrison wraps up his run before moving onto Batman Incorporated. With a variety of artists, this issue (titled “Black Mass”) features the return of the true Batman as he faces off against Doctor Hurt and starts to reclaim his life.

Scarlet #3 – (Marvel/Icon) Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Bendis and Maleev’s cute, murderous little redhead continues to plow through the corruption of the Portland police by going straight to the top. Scarlet maintains her captivating dialog with the reader and recruits her first helper in righting the world.

Warriors Three #1 (of 4) – (Marvel) Bill Willingham, Neil Edwards and Scott Hanna

Asgardian focus shifts away from Thor as the Warriors Three – Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg – find their more light-hearted adventures intertwined with an A.I.M. plot with a beast of Norse mythology. Brought to you by a master a fairy tales – Bill Willingham, creator of Fables.

Coming soon – a full review of one of these comics for CineGeek.com. Also, check out my current reviews on Thor #616 and Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Fourth Year, and listen to me on this week’s CineGeek Webcast!


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