The Pull List: Week of Nov 15, 2010

And this is why I’m changing the name of this feature. Notice how today is not Wednesday. In fact, I’m typing this Thursday, but I think this would be a better end-of-week thing. Still working on some formatting standards I want to keep through (comic listing, title using “week of” or date posted, etc.), but it’ll get settled down eventually. Anyway here’s this week’s pull list for the week of November 15, 2010

Comic List

DC Comics

Batman Incorporated #1 – Batman visits Japan and Catwoman experiments with tentacles.

Batman: The Return (one-shot) – Jumping off point for the Bat books going forward. Some characters get better jobs than others.

Superman #705 – Superman continues his jaunt across the country, righting wrongs and mending broken homes.

Marvel Comics

Avengers #7 – Yay Infinity Gems and Illuminati finally getting revealed. Nay Red Hulk.

X-Men #5 – While Cyclops has some neat ways to fight the vampires utilizing various mutants’ abilities, enough with the vampires already.

Other Comics

Vision Machine #2 – Imagine actually seeing the world through your iPhone from a corporation with shady and ambiguous privacy issues that would even creep Mark Zuckerberg out.

Watch List

Batman: Under the Red Hood – Pretty good retelling of the return of Jason Todd, especially thanks to no Superboy Prime reality-altering punching BS.

Kamen Rider OOO episodes 7-9 – It’s growing on me. The form change isn’t ridiculous yet. Still don’t like the Medajalibur sword when the guy has both Wolverine-like claws and mantis arms.

Paranormal Activity 2 – A surprisingly great sequel. The first one did a good job playing on the hand-held camera concept, but it had issues with last-minute CGI. This one starts slow but ends up building a lot onto the original.

Plug List

wednesdayINreview: 11/17/10. A Wednesday new comic piece I started contributing to at gaijINside.

In Comics: Batman and Robin #16. This one actually has a story that will be in a blog post next week.

And of course you can hear me on this week’s latest CineGeek Webcast 139: Walking Dead is Walking….Slowly


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