The Pull List – Week 47, 2010

This week is a short week. A lot of Thanksgiving chow downs took place this week, so not as much media consumption. Going to have a lot of catching up to do going into December. Fun times.

Comic List

Nothing this week. Next week will be a pain on my wallet.

Watch List

The  Expendables – The ’80s, the movie. Explosions, blood, awesome. My uncle complained that Chuck Norris wasn’t in it. One word: sequel.

Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods – Grant Morrison writes some thoughtful and trippy comics. Now I know why. He’s a thoughtful and trippy individual, even before his ’90s global drug and booze tour.

How to Train Your Dragon – Finally got around to it, and it is a cute and enjoyable movie. Also really surprising it involves character maiming. And supposedly the Tenth Doctor shows up in it.

The Men Who Stare at Goats – I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but fall apart at Ewan McGregor saying “We need the Jedi.”

Plug List

In DVD: Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods – Check out what I thought about the great Scotsman comic auteur (when I could understand what he’s saying).



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