The Pull List – Week 4, 2011

I’m off to Ohayocon in a couple of hours, hopefully to find an interesting story to tell. Before that though, I grabbed some comics. Sadly not the sold-out Fantastic Four #587, the end of the storyline “Three” that sees the death of one of the team members (Look around the internet. Marvel spoiled it for everyone.). Alas, that’s what second printings are for. Anyway, enough about me. What all are you reading?

Avengers  #9 – Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis writing with John Romita Jr. on art.

Finally, the Illuminati is out of the bag, and Steve Rogers vents all of his frustration in a completely satisfying way. No real combat or action to speak of, but it’s an issue that has been a long time coming, and a decent one at that.

New Avengers #8 – Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis writing with Daniel Acuña on art.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones go on a date. Then there’s a small fight with a Doombot, but the issue is mostly the date. Fun read with their dialog as Cage tries to convince Jones to be a hero again, but the issue goes by way too quickly with so much time dedicated to the date. Cage’s Power Man-esque yellow turtleneck and gold chain necklace are a nice throwback, but no tiara?

Wonder Woman #606 – DC, J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester writing with Eduardo Pansica on art.

The “Odyssey” storyline JMS started six issues ago is really starting to drag. The prologue filled me with hope for an actual epic odyssey, but it’s mostly been Diana running around and being “modern.” Hopefully the new writer change will pick up the pace before the book fizzles away.


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