Movie Night – Inception

I first watched Inception last August with a group of cousins in from out of town. One had already seen it multiple times and was very caught up in the film. After watching, we were too. Last night, I assume I felt the same way as I rewatched with a friend who had never seen the film. Watching her learn about each new dream layer and the intricacies of the world building unfold. It’s always a treat to watch someone experience something new with that wide-eyed excitement.

This is a remarkable film from Christopher Nolan (who should have probably gotten an Oscar nod, but oh well) that explores the depth of dreams and our unsuccessful attempts to tamper with and control every aspect of our minds, our selves. Everyone does a remarkable job. Of course there’s Leo, who in my eyes finally casts away the youthful air he’s had around him since his time on Growing Pains. But it’s the rest of this cast in this mammoth undertaking that pull the film together – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murph, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard, just to name a few.

The cinematography is stunning in the hotel scenes. The editing between dreams ties the whole film together in a remarkable flow. Hans Zimmer’s score is perfectly suited. Nolan pulled out his A game to accomplish this big-money picture that is both a summer blockbuster and an actual critical success (depending on who you talk to).

It’s long, a commitment even, and towards the end, it’s easy to find the pressure from one’s bladder force a pause. Still, the film and the ensuing discussions and theories that follow make it work the watch. I do find that I will likely have to buy a copy, as the Redbox rental copy has no commentary or special features.

And thus Hollywood implants the need to buy more and more. I knew it!


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