The Pull List – Week 5, 2011

And… I got nothing. No new books this week for me. Even my regular Invincible Iron Man gets skipped over because of its silly issue #500.1 for catching new readers up on the series. I’m not a new reader (and the whole .1 initiative is silly), so no thanks.

So instead, here are some books I bought that arrived this week but aren’t new releases. If you picked up something this week you thought was awesome and note worthy, tell me about it in the comments.

Scott Pilgrim  #1-7 – Oni Press, Bryan Lee O’Malley writing and illustrating.

I’ve read the first two volumes and had been meaning to get back into the rest. The movie in particular (which I highly enjoyed) also prompted me to seek out the collection. The clincher was a sale at Barnes & Noble coupled with a $25 gift card. The series is a generational pop culture bonanza and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s different in the final volumes

Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole du Ciel  #9 – Tokyopop, Haruhiko Mikimoto writing and illustrating.

I’m a Gundam fan. Everytime I feel I start to wane in my fandom, something brings me back. I’ve been needing to pick this book up for months after the couple of years between releases and my fear that it had been dropped.

This book is Gundam meets Gunbuster, as it features a young girl named Asuna who attends a mobile suit piloting academy and through guts and hard work, she surpasses her class to become a top pilot. But of course, this is Gundam, so tragedy strikes as the series dives into the Titans/AEUG conflict during the same time period as Zeta Gundam. Great read for UC timeline Gundam fans.


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