The Pull List – Week 7, 2010

Typing this out from my hotel room at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel for Con Nooga. If you’re here, stop by and say hi at the MTAC/GMX promo booth. In the mean time, tell me about your comics in the comments.

Dungeons & Dragons #4 (Pick of the Week) –IDW, John Rogers writing with Andrea Di Vito illustrating.

I just keep loving this book. Issue 1 was amazing. Issue 2 was a bit weaker, but every issue since has been an upward progression. The halfling rogue Bree has an amusing trap disarming scene, and we get some character-building quality time with Kahl the dwarf and Tisha the tiefling before leading into the build up into the finale of this “Shadowplague” arc next issue.

Silver Surfer #1 (of 5) – Marvel, Greg Pak writing with Stephen Segovia illustrating.

Straight off of the epic cosmic story of “The Thanos Imperative,” the Silver Surfer gets his own miniseries. His “vacation” on Earth feels a bit weird and mundane, not quite the galactic  scale I prefer. But hopefully the High Evolutionary will shake things up. Still, I think the art looks a bit too superhero-ish for the Surfer.

Wonder Woman #607 – DC, J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester writing with Eduardo Pansica illustrating.

Yeah, I don’t see me continuing this book. The best character in this issue is the minotaur, and even he leaves when the going is good. This and Superman feel so drawn out and are taking too long to get anything done. Straczynski doesn’t seem to have that magic he had on Amazing Spider-Man or Thor, and he’s working by proxy anyway, so consider this dropped.


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