The Pull List – Week 12, 2011

Real quick, before I run off to MidSouthCon in Memphis, I’m going to get up this week’s Pull List. If you’re visiting MSC, check out the Gundam and Tokusatsu panels I’ll be on. Otherwise, tell me what comics you’re looking at in the comments.

Batman, Inc. #4 – DC, Grant Morrison writing with Chris Burnham illustrating.

Wait? Didn’t  issue 3 just come out two weeks ago? Yep, that’s how you handle delays. Miss a month, then release two the next month. This issue has a good bit of Batwoman (speaking of delays…), and everyone can always use a good fix of hot redheads. Also, the original Batwoman, where Morrison heavily borrows from ’50s comics. I’m not entirely sure THAT Batman fits quite so well with the current Batman.

FF #1 (Pick of the Week) – Marvel, Jonathan Hickman writing with Steve Epting illustrating.

The rebirth of Marvel’s first family is finally here. Now Spidey’s on the team. It’s a bit awkward, but it’s supposed to be, as the family is still dealing with their loss, and Spidey is filling in for a (supposedly) dead man. The story itself is pretty self contained and yet leaves and ending with readers wanting more.

Silver Surfer #2 (of 5) – Marvel, Greg Pak writing with Stephen Segovia illustrating.

This book features decidedly less Silver Surfer than I hoped (in a way), but otherwise it’s a better issue than I would have thought with what bit of the Surfer there are do showcase his typically-buried humanity.

Ultimate Spider-Man #156 – Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis writing with Mark Bagley illustrating.

The “Death of Spider-Man” has finally begun after months of preludes. More importantly though, the original USM artist, Mark Bagley, is back, and it’s so good. I enjoyed Bagley’s work on the 100+ first issues, and it’s nice to see art I like in USM again. Otherwise, there’s not much. It’s all setting up for the villains getting out and Peter having to go fight them alone. Next issue will be the action.


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