To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I recently registered a Twitter account under my real name (@nicholasqualls), mostly because it’s a good idea to own my own name (before any of those greedy mirror versions of myself get to it). But now I arrive at an impasse, as I don’t know what to really use it for.

I’ve considered just sitting on it in case I ever want to change my main @nikoscream account over to it, but at this point, I believe I’ve invested too much in the nikoscream “brand” to really change it.

My other thought is to use it to aggregate my works, from posts here and at CineGeek to MTAC/GMX updates and whatever other projects I have in the pipes. But at that point, it becomes simply an RSS feed, without the interaction or personality an online social representation should maintain.

Separating my tweet content has been suggested, using @nicholasqualls for more professional tweets and @nikoscream for more geeky and silly work. Yet that kind of split-personality representation tends to lead to one representation being neglected, if not both at once. Plus, after all, it’s not like I have much to say that wouldn’t fit in the realm of either account.

So here I am, sitting on an account with my name and nothing to say on it.

If you use multiple social networking accounts, be it both on the same network or spanning the social web, how do you differentiate their uses?


2 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not to Tweet

  1. I used to have a personal twitter and one for my show; however, over time I decided that, at least at first, many of my posts were relevant to both audiences. Now I use Twitter for personal stuff too; however, to my surprise my follower #’s haven’t dropped significantly so I haven’t seen a reason to altogether stop using @TokyoTowerWAWL for both. That being said my Twitter uses are significantly different than my Facebook uses. For instance my Twitter niche is essentially based around geeks/otaku, while my Facebook is too tied to work, old friends, and just general people so even though I have some cross-over between Twitter and Facebook I don’t use it to share as much about my anime/geek interests. So Niko to be fair I really don’t know what to recommend since I failed to split my Twitter accounts effectively. Good luck? That sounds appropriate. ^_^

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