Slow Down on the Update Button

(Some may think I’m doing multiple posts about Twitter just to play with WordPress’s embedded Tweet feature.)

I had a Twitter-spree of sorts this afternoon during a tornado warning at my workplace, a local newspaper company. Not much else to do when being shuffled down to a storm shelter and your work is interrupted. Although for some shown below, that’s not entirely true.

One of my Tweets, in addition to crowd photos and requesting status checks from fellow Nashvillians, was:

At first thought, the visual of print media huddled around the very items that I hear daily leading to people not wanting to buy the paper was humorous. Almost worthy of a motivational poster parody. Then a conversation with @the_beer_snob made me wish I wasn’t in such a hurry to be witty. After all, newspapers aren’t without web presences.

Why the thought of people possibly doing their job didn’t occur to me, I don’t know.

But it looks like it should have.

Often I find the immediacy of today’s fast-paced media to be a detriment. This particular instance should have required more thought on my part before hitting the send button. Other times, in my convention work for instance, the rush to get something out to the masses will lead to shoddy editing or poor fact checking (a particular flier issue springs to mind). There’s just this drive in today’s media to be the first to announce something, even if it’s not necessarily the best.

And beyond a simple media trend (and despite being naturally hesitant and indecisive), I’m simply driven to be the first to say something. It’s when I manage to cast my hesitations aside and say the first thing on my mind without coldly calculating it first – only to realizes the foolishness of it seconds later – that persuades me to maintain my hesitations.  I’m not sure if that learned behavior, to hesitate before you speak, is always a good thing. There is a balance between thought and decisiveness, and I just need to work better to find it.

I don’t know if the haphazard rush to meet spontaneously spawning deadlines in our race-to-be-first society can be mitigated much. However, those of us (read: me) with the need to speak before anyone else could take the opportunity to step back, breathe for a moment and think before saying something we’ll find foolish moments later.

And there’s nothing like a seven-hour-plus power outage to make you step back, breathe and think.


3 thoughts on “Slow Down on the Update Button

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