The Pull List – Week 13 & 14, 2011

And yet again I missed a week. I didn’t actually buy anything last week, so oh well. At least I’ve had my last two twitter spree posts to keep you entertained. But now, it’s all about the comics, and with not getting last week’s books until this week, there are a lot of them. What did you pick up that I should check out?

Amazing Spider-Man #657 – Marvel, Dan Slott writing with Marc0s Martin, Ty Templeton, Nuno Plati & Stefano Caselli illustrating.

What has managed to bring be back to a title I keep forsaking (Peter+MJ-MephistoBullCrap=What I want)? Why, an FF tie-in, of course. This issue has Spidey attending a little family wake at the Baxter Building as the group retells untold stories from their past team ups and Johnny Storm’s video will persuade’s Spidey to take his place on the team.

Also, oddly enough, yet another story that could have been told just as well if Peter were still married to Mary Jane. I keep telling myself one day I’ll stop with that.

Avengers #11 – Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis writing with John Romita Jr. illustrating.

You know sh** just got real when The Watcher appears (which happens about every other year at this point). While JRJR’s Watcher could stand to go on a diet, the weight of the situation is always heavy with Infinity Gems are involved, especially considering the surprise at the end that really shouldn’t be if you think about it.

Dungeons & Dragons #5 – IDW, John Rogers writing with Andrea Di Vito illustrating.

Fell’s Five find themselves in a climatic battle against a cyclops and his minions as they try to stop an other-dimension army from crossing onto their plane. Same great wit and writing from Rogers, including one of the simultaneously fun and annoying things of DnD – being ported in the middle of an adventure.

Fear Itself #1 (Pick of the Week) Marvel, Matt Fraction writing with Stuart Immonen illustrating.

The bonds of the Heroic Age are put to the test as Odin demands the Norse Gods’ removal from Midgard (Earth) and an ancient evil is awoken by the new Red Skull. Oh, and the Watcher (again?). There are some stand out Thor and even Steve Rogers moments, and I’m actually interested in another “event” again. Marvel, don’t disappoint.

“Get me Steve Rogers and the President on the phone. In that order.”

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1IDW, Eric Powell & Traci Marsh writing with Phil Hester illustrating.

Local Tennessean Eric Powell (of The Goon) brings us the King of the Monsters. Sadly, it’s a reboot, jumping Godzilla’s initial appearance to modern day (complete with modern-day President Obama in a cutaway to Washington DC). The book also overplays the gag line. Otherwise, it’s a decent read that takes Godzilla back to his poorly-timed basics of wrecking the crap out of Japan. Sometimes, God just mocks your release schedule.

Scarlet #5 – Icon, Brian Michael Bendis writing with Alex Maleev illustrating.

Bendia and Maleev wrap up the first book of their little redhead rebel turning the world on its head. Now she has a following and has shaken up the city regime. Where does she go from here? That’s what the next issue is for, and I’ll be there to get it.

Thor #621Marvel, Matt Fraction writing with Pasqual Ferry illustrating.

The battle against the World Eaters comes to a climatic end, as does Fraction’s run before starting The Mighty Thor and this series changes back to the original Journey into Mystery moniker. But Fraction goes out with a bang as Thor and Odin take on the World Eaters and leave them to the fate they left Balder to issues ago.

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