NikoScream @ MTAC

This weekend is the 11th annual MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention), and I’ll be busy here all weekend. As such, there won’t be a pull list this week. I encourage everyone local who hasn’t already pre-reged to come down and check the con out.

Here are the events I’m hosting:

  • Tokustatsu Heroes – Saturday 9pm in Panel 4: From spandex to scarves to rubber robot suits, Japan loves their live-action super heroes. We do too, and here’s why.
  • Forum Meet ‘n Greet – Friday 7pm in Courtyard: Put some faces to the names and meet the characters from MTAC’s very own web forums (which you can find at!
  • Anime Clubs 101 – Sunday 2pm in Panel 3: As anime fandom grows, more and more anime clubs tend to pop up. If you want to learn about starting, running or finding clubs, this is the place for you.
Definitely stop by and say hi.

2 thoughts on “NikoScream @ MTAC

  1. hey its me from mtac i was at ur panel and was asking about next yers panel i can desplay my oc rider helmet and u told me u need to see it please ontact me if u need info on it also,u said ur friend was selling osme rider belts and u said he has a kabuto is this person selling it

    • We (MTAC) are trying to arrange an anime yard sale this May/June, and he will be there with his goods. Check that out when we announce it, and you can pick up a belt or two there.

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