DC’s 52 Title Pick-Up

The world was set ablaze earlier this month when DC Comics announced that they would be restarting or debuting 52 titles this September. Finally, with the announcement of Grant Morrison tackling the perennial super hero title Action Comics, the world now knows what books to expect this fall.

(Click here for Comic Book Resources complete list of new DC titles this fall, with creative teams and plot  synopses.)

Restarts of long-running ongoing titles seem silly to me, simply a cheap marketing gimmick. So do revamps simply for the sake of revamps and for other reason. These first issues may be a good starting point for new readers, but they’ll be inconvenient or annoying interruptions for current ones. Not to mention that restarting a book for new readers is only a temporary fix, as the titles will become convoluted and impenetrable again within a couple of years. Is that really worth screwing up over 900 issues of continuous publishing?

With that said, this whole debacle presents specific opportunities and sadly dropped balls. Here’s what I picked out from my own views. What about you?

What I’m looking forward to:

Action Comics – Yeah, I know, I just questioned restarting a title over 900 issues long. The longest continuously-published coic book of its kind. What would still make me interested after what I think is a completely ridiculous marketing ploy? Two words: Grant Morrison. For the most part, I really enjoyed his All-Star Superman run. I’ve also been digging his work with Batman throughout his titles. I’m just curious to see where he’ll take a younger, revamped Superman that, unlike in All-Star, will be THE Superman for current canon.

Demon Knights – The title starring Etrigan the Demon is billed as being set in the Middle Ages and leaning a bit more on the fantasy side. Seeing something with less tights and flights seems more unique and interesting in this list of offerings.

Resurrection Man – As with Action Comics, this is another case of following creators. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have done an excellent job guiding the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe over the past several years,  so I’m willing to give them a shot on a title I’m not  too familiar with.

What I’m not:

Every. Single. Bat. Book. – Batman, Inc. will take a break, Dick is no longer a Batman, Detective Comics and Batman are swapping their writers for no discernible reason, and (here’s the kicker) Barbara can walk again and be Batgirl? Given, on that latter, the most I’ve seen is a cover with Barbara in her old costume, and the synopsis doesn’t really say she can walk. I hope there is a better explanation, because I love what Barbara has become as Oracle.

More so than anything though, I’m worried editorial mandates will screw up Grant Morrison’s long Batman epic, but we’ll see how that plays out.

I’m not counting Batwoman #1 in this reboot wave, as it’s just a delayed title  that DC decided to keep on the shelves a bit longer for prime timing. I am curious though, I thought Barbara Gordon would be older than Kate Kane, yet Kate is Batwoman and Barbara is Batgirl…

What I’m glad is missing from the reboot wave:

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents – If you followed my defunct “Pull List” column on this blog (all two of you), you’d notice I freaking love this book. Given how much is currently invested  in these characters and the plot, revamping it randomly would seriously hurt the book, but not near as much as shuffling in a different creative team.  Luckily, the title doesn’t really deal with the DC Universe, so that may be its saving grace in dodging the retcon bullet. I’m looking forward to still picking this up with no interruptions or hiccups.


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