DC’s New 52 Trailers Fail to Sell?

Here we have the extended promotional trailer for DC Comic’s New 52 initiative, where they reboot or create 52 titles in September. I’ve blogged about this before, but I find myself becoming less optimistic that this cheap gimmick will continue the stories I’ve been caring about lately or create anything that actually means something and lasts through the next eventual Crisis.

Does any of this sell you on DC Comics though? Do these trailers or any of the news you’ve heard made you care in the slightest? Is DC seeming to be achieving their goal in attracting a new audience, or do you seeing this falling on its face?

Maybe I’m just bringing my own biases into this, but I don’t see anything in this trailer selling the New 52 initiative. It’s familiar superheroes (mostly familiar with Superman in a tee shirt) beating up people and things. The shorter TV commercial is even less enticing. What’s new? What is the selling point of getting new and fallen-out readers to these books?

New books at #1 isn’t an irregular thing. Marvel essentially did the same thing with The Mighty Thor #1 and Captain America #1, yet these are not restarts or even soft reboots. These are new volumes, picking up at a fresh story for new readers while still embracing everything that has happened even within the previous issue of the last volume.

So why should I care, DC? Especially since you’ve screwed around with the Batman bits I was really digging, such as Dick and Bruce co-existing as Batman and Bruce Batman’s nifty new suit with the Bat signal chest. Why should I care? Why should the new and the old care? And why isn’t THAT in your trailers and commercials?

The real sticking point though is that DC pulls a quote from the New York Times to promote their initiative as being “audacious.” Let’s look at that for a moment.


1) Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks
2) Showing an impudent lack of respect

Yeah, that fits.


2 thoughts on “DC’s New 52 Trailers Fail to Sell?

  1. Anybody that cares about what DC has done for the past few years isn’t fit to be called a comics fan. The reboot is to erase all that crap and win back everybody who left because they know these characters and know all that’s been done with Batman and elsewhere is wrong wrong wrong.

    • I disagree on the Batman part. I’ve been enjoying Grant Morrison’s run on Batman for the most part. Take out Final Crisis itself and the reason Bruce has been hurdling through time (which was also dumb when Cap did it in Captain America: Reborn), you’re still left with the leading into Bruce’s “death” and then the aftermath after. Dick as Batman has been fun, and while it obviously wouldn’t last (nor should it), it feels like the plug is being pulled too early before that story ends and everything would naturally normalize.

      And Superman recently just had his origin story retooled anyway with Superman: Secret Origins, which makes his reboot feel rushed too. Still, that’s thanks to all the crap from New Krypton that needs to be wiped from comics.

      I think certain characters and their stories are going to suffer just for the need to reinvigorate others, and this across-the-board relaunch is over reaching.

      At least I’ll still have T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents, albeit in a second volume. Favorite DC book right now.

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