Happy Holidays from nikoSREAM!

Why is Darkseid with Marvel characters?

Why does Darkseid spend the holidays with Marvel characters?

Welcome and thanks to the flood of new readers and commentators from last week’s HFR Hobbit post, which was featured on WordPress.com’s daily “Freshly Pressed” showcase last week. I hope you continue to enjoy my (hopefully) weekly posts.

Greetings to all of my ongoing readers who have followed my uptick of writing these past couple of months. I hope you’ve enjoyed the output.

Today’s weekly Monday column will be a simply one, possibly even generic, but always a good thing to hear (or read as the case may be).

Happy holidays to all, for whichever respective holiday you may follow. If you don’t have one, make a personal one. It’s a time for joy, for remembering the people around us, and for reflection of the past year to prepare for the new. Those are all good ideas, and don’t require any religious or cultural connotations if you don’t wish them.

I wish you all good health and merriment, and to see you again next week!

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?


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