Cast Away Hesitation and Plunge into 2013!


I recently got a new notebook – a Hobbit-themed Moleskine plain-page notebook to review for CineGeek. The review is turned in and waiting for posting by my editor, so you can read my thoughts on the book itself at CineGeek soon enough. However, with all that said and done, I’m left with a question: What do I write in it?

It’s a fancy book. I don’t want to mar the pages with dribble, just to change my mind on the book’s focus a few pages in. Whatever I decide to put to paper, it must be consistent throughout the book. It should be a connecting theme from start to finish, and it should match the quality of the book.

I’m thinking Dungeons & Dragons notes.

My current notebook for my group’s campaign – over three years long and still going at this point – is out of pages. It fits the fantasy nature of the book. But it shouldn’t be JUST notes. No, this is a fancy book. This should chronicle the journeys and adventures of Casval Bidan – Paladin of Helm, Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr, and Lord Warden of the Stonelands (bonus points if you can guess the origin of the character’s name). Or not. I’m not a good fantasy writer.

I have the same issue with a Gundam notebook my roommate brought back from Japan. I feel like I should fill that one with mechanical designs or mission logs or a mecha pilot.

Do you ever have that problem? The hesitation to put pen to paper for fear of ruining the entire book? It’s almost a metaphor for hesitation in life, if I were one to write something so introspective.

Last year, I made three resolutions: 1) post more here, 2) get a new job, and 3) stop interrupting people in conversations as often. One seems to be going. Two, not so much. Three is an ongoing process.

This year, I just hope to find something I enjoy doing, and not let myself get hung up on hesitations or laziness. In whatever you pursue this year, dear reader, I wish you the best of luck.

Have a great 2013, internet!

2 thoughts on “Cast Away Hesitation and Plunge into 2013!

  1. You get notebook hesitation too! Don’t worry, Sir, you are not alone; I have a shelf dedicated to notoebooks that are too pretty to write in. I think the D&D idea sounds ideal for such a notebook.

  2. I have the same problem. I want a nice notebook to be well structured and formatted. However, I only write or take notes electronically or on scratch paper (which is then transferred to the computer if it’s important). It’s rare that I actually write on something that I expect to have any sort of physical permanence. Also, I suspect Microsoft Word has left me with unrealistic expectations of what “well structured and formatted” should be in the physical world.

    Going from one extreme to another with no practice in the middle-ground doesn’t tend to work, so my solution is to only buy notepads and cheap spiral notebooks (despite the fact I really want one of those BSG notebooks from ThinkGeek).

    D&D is probably your best bet, since it can naturally be structured chronologically. I made an aged, “in-character” notebook for a campaign a few years ago and didn’t have notebook hesitation.

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