Making Time…



This year’s productivity already isn’t getting off to a good start. Case in point: this blog post, which I’m trying to update every Monday, isn’t even getting started until after 8pm. What’s the culprit? A variety of reasons and tasks keep popping up, but I’m laying the blame on Netflix and The West Wing.

Keeping up with personal past times is getting harder and harder. From enjoying good books and television to actually creating and building whatever the imagination wants, hobbies are getting sidestepped by actual jobs and responsibilities.

Over the weekend, a friend of mine offloaded some mostly-built models of the giant robot franchise Gundam onto me. A dozen different Gundam mobile suit models, mostly from the series Gundam Wing, all pretty much done except for stickers. I haven’t built a Gundam model in three years, an I’ve had one wait in box to be built for four.

One cannot live for work alone. All work and no play makes you a dull boy (or girl). I try to keep up with my favorite television, films, and comics, but it becomes difficult in a media-rich world. I get some of my creative streak out here and at CineGeek (hey, that Hobbit moleskin review I mentioned last week is up). I even get in the occasional D&D game in every few weeks. I do what I can to fit some fun in my schedule. How about yourself?

How do you make time for your own geeky pursuits?
Is there anything you wish you could spend more time on?
What steps do you think you can take to make that happen?

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